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Artist Information

Label: Self Released

Genre: Alt Pop/Rap

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Influences: Ed Sheeran, Panic at the Disco, XXX Tentacion, Eminem

Sounds Like: Ed Sheeran, 21 Pilots, John Legend

About Seth Witcher

Seth Witcher is a 20 year old music artist that is fresh on the scene in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. He has been infatuated with music ever since he was 6 years old, and has been singing/playing the guitar ever since then.

Seth Performs on a semi-hollow guitar that he built in high school, and has performed live for almost two years as of December 2017. Since then, he has been hired to perform at places like the PPL Center, CocaCola Park, the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, the Lehigh Valley Zoo, and Musikfest held in Bethlehem, PA. Though Seth has been performing out for such a short time, he has over 120 live performances under his belt. Seth’s passion for music is what drives him everyday(see quote).

Seths latest single released on October 11th titled, “So in Love.”

You’ll definitely fall in love with Seth upon first listen as his beautiful, serene voice permeates everything around you, and really makes you feel comfortable and at ease right from the start. I was blown away by Seth’s talents when I first discovered him, and he has a charming, beautiful persona to match along his music that makes him so relatable and desiring from a musical perspective.
— Music Box Pete

Seth Witcher is a man of many talents. He built his own guitar from scratch, and he plays it quite well. Also, his voice is smooth as butter, and he’s proven to be a heck of a songwriter.
— Gerard Longo UMC

Coming from Allentown, PA, Witcher utilizes what he calls “the Indie Bible”. I call it, having the great talent to kick my ass out of the park.
— Phil King AudioFuzz

Have you ever done something you knew you were made to do? When I hold my guitar in my hands and start singing, I can’t help but smile. In that moment, I know I am doing what I was made to do. In that moment, I am truly in heaven. Music is my reality: there’s nowhere to go but up.
— Seth Witcher

Witcher’s success as an artist has been essentially all self-made — quite literally, too, as he crafted his guitar in high school wood shop. And like with his first performance, he lands most of his gigs by self-promoting at different businesses in the area.
— Connor Lagore


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